Board list

Accessing the board list

Existing scaled boards are available in Scaled Boards → Manage boards.

Only users with permission to access Jira Scaled Agile Boards app can access the Scaled Boards menu.

Using the sidebar

Scaled Agile Boards sidebar allows you to change the context of the board list displayed:

  • All boards displays all scaled boards that the user can view

  • My boards displays scaled boards created by the current user

  • Favourite boards displays scaled boards that were marked as favourite by the current user

Using the list

The board list displays the scaled boards available for the user along with the following information:

  • Name - name of the scaled board. Clicking the name opens the board.

  • Description - additional/detailed information about the board

  • Owner - user that owns the board (by default it’s the creator)

  • Permission - board permission level that was granted to the user

The user needs to be granted at least access permission to the board to see it on the list

Scaled boards can be marked as favourite by clicking the star icon. Favourite boards are also available in the Scaled Boards menu.

If the user was granted the administration permission to the board, he can open the configuration using the gear icon.