Getting started

Monitor multiple Scrum teams on a single screen for efficient project management at scale


Jira Scaled Agile Boards (JSAB) is a Jira app that introduces a completely new board type allowing to gather and manage many Scrum projects in one place. The visualization of the work planned for multiple teams spread across multiple sprints with the possibility to see the dependencies between tasks makes JSAB a perfect tool for large-scale Scrum projects.


Permission required

Remember that in order to carry out the steps described below and install JSAB you have to be a Jira administrator.

From Jira

  1. Click the Administration cog icon and select Manage apps

  2. Click Find new apps

  3. Search for JSAB Jira Scaled Agile Boards

  4. Click the Install button

  5. Click the Accept & Install button

From Atlassian Marketplace

  1. Go to JSAB Jira Scaled Agile Boards page on the Atlassian Marketplace

  2. Click the Get it now button

  3. Go to Jira, click the Administration cog icon, and select Manage apps

  4. Click Manage apps

  5. Click the Upload app link, select the file downloaded in step 2 and click Upload

First steps with JSAB

After the installation is completed, your Jira will have a new menu item Scaled Boards and that’s the place where your journey with the app begins.

From here you can:

  • create a new board using Create Scaled Board

  • or view and manage existing boards with Manage Scaled Boards

Since you probably don’t have any boards yet, follow the steps below and create a new one!

  1. Go to Scaled Boards → Create Scaled Board

  2. Set the name of the board in the Board name field

  3. Optionally add some details about your boards in the Board description field

  4. In the Teams section add a new team

    1. Define the name of the team that will be used on the board

    2. Select a Scrum board that will be related to the team

    3. Click the plus icon

  5. Optionally add more teams according to your needs

  6. Click Create board

That’s it! Your first scaled board is up and running. It displays the teams along with the tasks planned for the respective sprints providing you a helicopter view of the situation in your project/s.

Next steps

Wondering what to do now? You can explore the rest of the documentation to find out what JSAB has to offer and take advantage of it or simply get to know the app on your own.

If it happens that you need our assistance at any step of your journey with JSAB, just get in touch through our support portal or write a message at