Linked issues in status


The Linked issues in status validator allows you to block a workflow transition if the linked issues are not in the correct statuses.


  1. Set the Take this action if field to decide if the validator should check whether all, any or no issues are in a certain status

  2. Set the related with issue link field to decide if any or only selected link types will be taken into account. If Selected was set, choose the link type in the Link type field

  3. Set the and related with link direction field to select the link direction

  4. Set the statuses that the linked issues should be validated against in the are in status field

  5. Define the text of the error message in the Error message text field (e.g. “Linked issues have to be in Done status in order to close this issue”)

  6. Activate the JQL condition option and define the JQL query that has to be met by the issue in order for the validation to work (e.g. “type = Bug and Priority = Blocker”)

  7. Activate the Executor condition option if you want the validator to work only if the user is or isn’t in a certain Jira user group or project role

    1. Select if The executor has to be or can’t be a member of a certain Jira user group or project role

      1. Select a Jira user group in the Group field if Group was set in the member of a field

      2. Select a project role in the Project role field if Project role was set in the member of a field

Use cases

  • In order to close the Story, all of the linked bugs have to be resolved