Custom field configuration

After having created the [JCRC] - Jira Custom Related Columns custom field, you should set it up. To enter the configuration follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Jira Administration → Issues → Custom fields.

  2. Click the more […] dropdown menu from the Actions column of the JCRC custom field and select Configure.

  3. Click Edit Customized Columns.

Available configuration options include:

  1. Related types - select which custom panels will be created.

  2. Hide default panels - remove default Jira panels (only the ones selected in Related types) from the issue view.

  3. Set width manually - set the width of columns in the custom panel based on the Field weight value.

  4. Ordinal number - add the row ordinal number column to the custom panel.

  5. Field - field that will be displayed in the custom panel. The order of the fields in the table will be applied to the custom panel on the issue view.

  6. Field weight - number that describes the width of the field in relation to other fields in the custom panel.

  7. Delete - remove the field.

  8. Add - add a new field.

  9. Highlight related - show related issues that meet the JQL condition as highlighted.

  10. Color - color of the highlight.

  11. JQL - JQL query that has to be met by the issue in the custom panel to be highlighted.

  12. JQL condition - display custom panels only on issues that meet the JQL condition.

  13. JQL - JQL query that has to be met by the current issue to display the custom panels.

  14. Executor condition - the condition that has to be met by the current user to display the custom panels.

  15. The executor - select if the condition will include or exclude users

  16. member of a - type of membership

  17. Group / Project role - based on the member of a, select the Jira user group or project role that the condition will check

  18. Save - save the configuration