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  1. Scope change panel allows you to change the visible on the board scope by moving to past or future sprints using arrows. You can also zoom the view in or out to see fewer or more sprints respectively.

  2. Pre and post planning view shows the pre planning and post planning columns with issues according to the filters set in the configuration for each team.

  3. Card view displays issues as cards with additional data.

  4. Dependencies view displays the links between issues that are configured as dependencies for the scaled board. For the dependency to be visible, both linked issues have to be visible on the scaled board.

  5. Epic view/Issue view hides the issues in sprints and shows the epics to which these issues belong.

  6. Overview hides all issues on the board to show only the sprint name and goal to display the overview without details.

  7. Board configuration opens the setup of the board. The action is only visible to the users granted the administration permission to the scaled board